The Mystery Singer from Mariveles

The man behind ‘Mystery Singer’

Mystery Singer was a radio sensation in the late 1940s and early 1950s, with hits including Ramona, Planting Rice, Rosalinda, Lavandera Ko, Tristezas de la Alma, Are You Lonesome Tonight, Tennessee Waltz, Marta and Kiss Me With Your Eyes. He performed a song... Inez Rocha and IH Lloyd were the parents of Cecil Lloyd, who was born in Mariveles, Bataan, the son of a veteran of the Spanish-American War. When the Mystery Singer finished law school at the University of Pennsylvania in 1937, he received a mark of 85%. Before he was known as the Mystery Singer, Lloyd performed as the UP Troubadour on KZIB and KZRM. Because of friends like Skip Guinto, Sergio Acua and Gonzalo Yotoko basically pushed me into the microphone, I ended up being an actor. The guy I work with, Jimmy, is an excellent employee. In his On Air column, Luis Ma. Trinidad quoted Lloyd as saying that he came up with the radio moniker Mystery Singer for me ( Literary Song-Movie Magazine, March 1951). When Lloyd founded the Philippine Recording System in 1948 he signed up such artists as Sylvia la Torre, Bimbo Danao, Ruben Tagalog, Pancho Magalone, Tony Maiquez and Leopoldo Silos as the first Filipino-owned recording firm. Lloyd appeared on stage during the Japanese Occupation.

On DZRM's Sunday noontime broadcast in 1955, he ended his music career and joined the National Media Production Center. He agreed to have the Cecil Awards named after him before he died in 1988, and that honor was bestowed in his honor after his untimely demise.